Playing Rules of Video Poker

Video poker is a combination of the slot-machine (called one-armed bandit) and the popular card game, poker. But, unlike the traditional poker, where you have to gather a higher, than your opponents, combination, the player previously receives a prize for the gained combination.

All the combinations to be paid a prize are in the table. As the player is allowed to stake from 1 to 5 coins, all the values are arranged in 5, fitted to the amount of stake, columns.

To win you have to get the highest prize combination

The player makes a stake and receives 5 cards. To increase the value of the combination the player is allowed to change the cards only once or to keep them unchanged. After that, the machine will automatically define the received combination and will pay the prize.

There are some variations of the video poker, which are different in the combinations and decks. For each variation there is a particular game strategy, that is why, the professional players usually are very skilled in one or two, the most profitable, games. Almost without an exception, the profitable winnings are paid at the maximum rate of the stake (5 coins).