Online Slots

Some words about online slot games and slot machines. How to play, what rules to follow.
What makes slots the worlds most popular casino game is the fact that they are so simple to play and you can have so much fun playing them. View the easy rules of online slots, then learn the slot strategies and slot tips that can increase your fun and your free online slot payouts!

Slot rules

Click and spin for quick fun and payouts
The rules of playing slots are so simple that anyone can play without worrying about any rules. On classic fruit machine slots you simply select a wager value, click to spin and wait for the reels to stop spinning to see if you have a winning combination. On more advanced machines and the latest video slots, there’s much more player interaction. For example with nudges, holds and multiple bonus functions. Which ever slot game you choose to play it is impossible to break the rules!

Coin Size & Number
Every slot machine offers a variety of coin sizes. This makies it easy for you to bet according to your budget. Common coin sizes range from 0.01, up to 20.00 on premium machines. Most online slot machines can be played with a range of coin numbers, activating different payout levels and features.

For example:
Coin size = 5.00 x 3 Coins = 15.00 spin value
Coin size = 5.00 x 1 Coin = 5.00 spin value

Activating Jackpots and Pay-lines
The coin number can have a massive influence on the number of pay-lines activated and the jackpot potential available with each spin. The web is loaded with multi-payline online slots and you can often play up to 25+ paylines!

E.g. playing with 1 coin on a 20 pay-line machine would activate 1-line, meaning you have one chance to win. At the other end of the scale, gaming with 20 coins gives you 20 chances to hit a winning combination!

To activate the full jackpot potential, you need to activate every pay-line and use the max coin value. If you played a 20 line slot with a 5000 coin jackpot and a max coin size of 5.00, the payout would look similar to below:

Slot payouts = coin number x coin size
Coin size = 5.00 x 20 pay-lines = 200.00 per spin = 25 000.00 jackpot